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He can’t live without his threesomes!

My boyfriend works for a male London escorts service in Kensington. At first I thought that I would be able to handle the situation as we our both escorts and we made some ground rules. However, I did not realise that he would not be able to live without certain things. Our relationship is totally open, but when I caught him having a threesome with a friend of mine staying at my flat, I had enough. It would have been okay if he had told me about it, but he didn’t. I came off my London escorts shift, and there he was fucking my friend with one of his mates.

It was clear that he was having a good time, and as I watched my friend cum with delight, I felt like rushing back to my London escorts boudoir. Sure, I like threesomes as well, but I want to know what goes on in my flat when I am not there. The fact that my sexy male London escorts was fucking my best friend behind my back drove me mad, and we ended up having a huge great big row about it right there and then.

The next night, I was not on point with London escorts and my boyfriend took the night off from the London escorts service he works for in central London. He said that he wanted to take me to a sex party in the Docklands as he knows I love them so much. I do love sex parties in London, but I was not sure I was in the mood for it. Somehow I felt that I wanted to punish him for fucking my friend and that night I even made him sleep on the sofa.

The following night when I came home from London escorts, I could tell something was going on the moment I walked in. The lights were down low, and I could smell cigarette smoke. His best friend who worked for the same quality affordable charlotte action escorts service smoked, and I had this feeling that he was going to try to make up for what had happened. When I came into our bedroom, I found him in bed with a giant hard on. His friend was having a shower, and when he came out of the shower, it was clear that he was just as excited.

We ended up having an awesome threesome that night, and I was glad that I finished my charlotte action escorts shift a bit early. It was just like being in a porno, and we fucked like we were totally possessed. I have had some great sex in my life, but I had never been fucked like that before. In the end, I could not last any longer, and feel asleep. When I woke up, his friend had gone, but from the slightly bulge in the bed clothes, I could tell he was ready to go again. I crawled on top of him and slipped him inside me. “No one has a pussy like you” he whispered, and I thought to myself that he had better remember that when he was in the mood for a threesome the next time.