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My Bad Threesome Experience.

I guess I am not so different from everybody else. On occasion, I do end up having a bad sexual experience. It is easy to assume that all London escorts have positive sexual experiences all of the time, but believe me, that is far from the case. I can’t think of one girl at our London escorts service who has not had a bad sexual experience. It happens to all of us, and when it does, it is important to learn from it. For years now, I have had this thing about doing a threesome with a couple of guys, but when I finally got around to it, it was a hugely disappointing experience. If you are a threesome virgin like I was at the time, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. The most important thing is to make sure you have your first threesome with someone who has previous experience.

I do wish that one of the girls at London escorts who have been into threesomes for a long time would have told me that.I now see why so many people who are into threesome sex look for partners in forums. Most of the girls here at London escorts who have got a particular fetish do just that. If you do not turn to someone who has had previous experience, you are much more likely to end up being disappointed in your first experience.

That is exactly what happened to me, and like I have said to my best friend at London escorts, it has really put me off trying again. If you do fancy trying a threesome, you need to make sure you are safe. You can sustain some terrible injuries if you do not have enough lubrication. Of course, the girls at London escorts who are into threesomes had told me all of that, and I made sure I had plenty of lube around. However, one of the guys got really excited and forgot to use the lube.

Not only that, but he was just too young. I would say that most London escorts who are into threesomes do have partners who are a bit older and can understand their need.The other thing I did wrong was to chat up to guys in a bar. I had met them before, they knew that I was a bit on the kinky side and worked for a London escorts. But, like I have said, they simply did not have any previous experience of threesomes. We were all threesome virgins, and instead of being an enjoyable experience, it ended up being something which I really do not want to do again.

It goes to prove that some sexual fantasies are better left as fantasies or dreams. I hope that I will be brave enough to try again, but to be honest, I am not so sure about experimenting sexually at the moment. My threesome dream has to go on the back burner for the moment until I can find the absolute perfect partners.

He can’t live without his threesomes!

My boyfriend works for a male London escorts service in Kensington. At first I thought that I would be able to handle the situation as we our both escorts and we made some ground rules. However, I did not realise that he would not be able to live without certain things. Our relationship is totally open, but when I caught him having a threesome with a friend of mine staying at my flat, I had enough. It would have been okay if he had told me about it, but he didn’t. I came off my London escorts shift, and there he was fucking my friend with one of his mates.

It was clear that he was having a good time, and as I watched my friend cum with delight, I felt like rushing back to my London escorts boudoir. Sure, I like threesomes as well, but I want to know what goes on in my flat when I am not there. The fact that my sexy male London escorts was fucking my best friend behind my back drove me mad, and we ended up having a huge great big row about it right there and then.

The next night, I was not on point with London escorts and my boyfriend took the night off from the London escorts service he works for in central London. He said that he wanted to take me to a sex party in the Docklands as he knows I love them so much. I do love sex parties in London, but I was not sure I was in the mood for it. Somehow I felt that I wanted to punish him for fucking my friend and that night I even made him sleep on the sofa.

The following night when I came home from London escorts, I could tell something was going on the moment I walked in. The lights were down low, and I could smell cigarette smoke. His best friend who worked for the same quality affordable charlotte action escorts service smoked, and I had this feeling that he was going to try to make up for what had happened. When I came into our bedroom, I found him in bed with a giant hard on. His friend was having a shower, and when he came out of the shower, it was clear that he was just as excited.

We ended up having an awesome threesome that night, and I was glad that I finished my charlotte action escorts shift a bit early. It was just like being in a porno, and we fucked like we were totally possessed. I have had some great sex in my life, but I had never been fucked like that before. In the end, I could not last any longer, and feel asleep. When I woke up, his friend had gone, but from the slightly bulge in the bed clothes, I could tell he was ready to go again. I crawled on top of him and slipped him inside me. “No one has a pussy like you” he whispered, and I thought to myself that he had better remember that when he was in the mood for a threesome the next time.

One Night Gang Bang Without Inhibitions

Swingers come from a variety of backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures. The swinging individual or couple will frequent sex parties and fuck clubs, but the goal is always to meet, mix and mingle. Without knowing who or what the outcome will be for that night. It has an element of chance, just like high stakes gambling does for the game player, but with a much more erotic self-interest. Being a swinger had always made Holly feel hot, so she took to it without inhibitions and especially loved roaming alone in search of a new swinging encounter or one night gang bang.

Holly entered a particular club with no sign out front, only a blue light signaling it was open for the club crowd and an after-hours party. She pulled off her blouse as she entered braless and tossed it into the trash walking inside. She waved at the doorman, who let her pass by watching her unzip her jeans, then exit from them in a smooth two stepping movement. Holly entered the fuck club wearing only thin red lace panties, knee high socks, red sneakers and her wedding ring. Whether or not she was married, the ring made things hotter with men and gave them a reason to feel guilty.

Once inside the dark strobe and black lighted dance floor, Holly made her way to the far side where couches held a private area and her panties dropped before walking the entire distance. As she entered the dark pit, she felt a pair of hands grab her arms from behind and suddenly she was face down in another seated man’s groin. He unbuckled his trousers and raised a hard python cock freely, then pulls her head by the hair to let himself enter her open mouth. Meanwhile, from behind her came a ready hard penetration that made her so wet that she squealed, “Oh fuck me.”

From behind she heard a deep voice respond, “Shut the fuck up and suck that cock…”

So, she did as instructed; sucked the hard cock bouncing in front of her face, while being pummeled in real time from behind. She felt like a cat or animal in heat, being ridden and raped without permission. Nobody knew her name or cared what it might be. She banged her body about, letting it flop in time with the sexual percussive motions. Being banged from both ends wasted no opportunities. She watched herself fuck in the walled mirrors, while several club goers stood in the shadows watching her fucking and sucking, until there came a first wave of orgasmic undercurrents. This built up and on top of the already high energy buzz that she had that night.

Holly stayed out until the dawn, when she finally left the club, she walked out naked, bruised and with no money. Her purse had been lost during the intercourse in the darkness. She hitch hiked her way home, giving the taxi driver that stopped for her an incredible blowjob, before calling her swingers evening a night.

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